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"Leafy Pattern 1"

"Leafy Pattern 1"

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Meryl Blinder’s paintings investigate the rich world of color relationships.

She uses picture planes and tableaus as fields of opportunity for color and shape interactions; they surprise, delight, and educate the eye of the perceiver. Meryl populates her artworks with strictly gridded geometric shapes adjacent to realistic representations. She plays with color choices and contrasts creating fields of spatial illusions.

Meryl Blinder is a painter and adjunct professor of Color and Drawing at Wentworth Institute School of Architecture in Boston. Many of her paintings are inspired by the color designs and drawings she did for the late Princeton architect Michael Graves. Using wavy lines to travel across the surface and shapes as stopping off points. These wave shapes in a cluster are basic to our recognition of leaves and flowers.

Her work has been shown in many public spaces such as Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Cape Cod Museum of Art, Site Brooklyn NY, Danforth Museum Framingham, the Library of Congress and many private collections.

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